When your child heads off to university, it is an exciting time for them, but it can be a worrying time for parents. Students at Birmingham Univsersity also tend to start house-hunting relatively early for the next academic year.  This means that many first years have only just settled into their halls of residence before they begin searching for their second year accommodation, most often in shared houses.  We know that this can cause parental anxiety, as in the past the private rental sector had a reputation for sometimes providing low quality student accommodation.

However, in recent years the general standard of student accommodation has increased across the board.  This has been driven by a number of factors, not least the increased competition between landlords, and students in general becoming more discerning. We would like to think that, at Birmingham Student House, we have been at the forefront of this improvement in quality. Our flats and houses have always been of a very high standard. Over the many years that we have been professional landlords, we have continued to improve and refurbish our properties so that they remain clean, fresh, contemporary and safe.   

Our company is run as a family business, and we are all parents ourselves.  Our rule of thumb is simple:

We would never ever offer a house for rent that we would not be happy for one of our own children to live in.  

If your son our daughter chooses a Birmingam Student House property, you can be assured that they will be living in secure, warm and safe accommodation, owned by landlords who live locally, comply with all regulations, and genuinely care about the standard of their properties.

Houses of Multiple Occupation

Some of our properies are houses of multiple occupation (HMOs).  This is usually because they have 5 bedrooms over 3 storeys.  HMOs are subject to additional regulation under the Housing Act 2004.  All of our HMOs are registered with Birmingahm City Council and meet or exceed the standards required to be licenced HMOs.

Fire Safety

All of our properties are fitted with mains powered smoke alarm systems, with battery backup in case of power failure. Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are also provided.  Our properties that are registered HMOs also have fire doors and emergency lighting systems fitted througout.


In South Birmingham we are lucky that the student areas are generally very safe.  Thankfully, the majority of students will enjoy their time at University here without ever becoming the victims of crime.  However, this does not mean that we are complacent about security.  All of our properties are fitted with burglar alarms, which we encourage our tenants to use whenever they are out.  Many of our houses also feature mortice locks on the bedroom doors in addition to the secure locks fitted to all front and rear doors.  We use a special key system that means only we can have keys cut for the property.  This means that your son or daughter can be sure that last year's tenants have not had keys cut and retained copies, or given copies to friends.  


We have full landlord insurane which is provided via the National Landlords Association. However, our insurance does not cover tenants' belongings.  For this reason, we would encourage tenants to obtain their own contents insurance. 

Guarantor Forms

We do ask that all of our student tenants provide a rent guarantor form signed by either a parent or other close relative. This is not only to protect us, but also the other housemates in the event that one student defaults on their rent.


Rent is paid in advance by the first day of each calendar month.  Payment by bank transfer is preferred. Sometimes for international students we ask that rent is paid in advance at the beginning of each university term.

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